Feng Shui Beliefs and Satisfaction toward Purchase Decision Premium House with Price more than 5,000,000 Baht: The Case Study of Consumer in Hatyai District, Songkhla Province

Sunaiyana Wongkiettikul, Chutima Wangbenmad, Woraluck Lalitsasivimol



This research is a qualitative research. The objective of research is to study feng shui beliefs in purchasingpremium house with price more than 5 million baht in Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province. The key informants is 10families from housingdevelopment that are premium houses with more than 5 million Baht in Hat Yai District,Songkhla Province by using purposive sampling.The measurement used for data collection is structured interview.The results found that feng shui beliefs in purchasing decision premium house with price more than 5 million baht,the majority of key informants are beliefs about fortune, zodiac as astrology about date, month and year of birth,before purchasing there will be a sian-seng about house that is get along well with the buyer or the resident. Aboutthe 5 elements, the majority of key informants believe that if their home has all 5 elements, they will be happy andbalance of the elements affects to success and progress in work life. Moreover, they believe in direction of housemust be face to north or east. Location should close to airport, hospital and market. Chaiyaphum outside the houseaccording to Feng Shui principles, the road in front of the house must be wide and the location not be on the T -junction, not be near power poles, transformers, industrial plants and waste piles. For interior decorating, bedroomis most important to open up and wide. The position of the front door and the back door must not be in alignment.The believing of superstitions and numbers that the number 8 and the number 9 are auspicious numbers. Beliefscreated mind power such as spirit house, Brahma shrine and guardian spirit shrine that should be placed in thehouse to worship which is considered as sacred protection. House according to Feng Shui principles, afterpurchasing decision, there is satisfaction that makes the family life happiness, good health, successful career andbusiness.Entrepreneurs or project owners agree that feng shui is an essential element in creating and designinghousing projects in order to motivate and satisfy their clients who have stable position. Most of the time, buyers ofhigh-priced houses must always seek sian-seng at first, and after they buy a house, they are often invited him toexamine the house that they have already boughtfor advising on how decorating house more congenial withbuyers. Both of entrepreneur and savant agree that Feng Shui and house purchasing in Thai society have been along-standing traditions and will be continuing to belief by forever with especially premium.

According to research result, it was found that the relationship between feng shui and house purchasingwith following by Kotler's decision making process. The process begins with the problem recognition, to considerhow making the best satisfy toward house purchase by starting with mental spiritual power belief and combine withthe 5 elements belief that might be leading to selection house location and this have directly affect to the searchingfor information of house layout designs as well as choosing auspicious numbers for the house and check with buyer's birth date to confirm it can be get along well with the buyer. Thoroughly, the mental power belief is anindirectly effect to the house layout designs and house layout designs might consistent with auspicious numbers,thus leading to purchase decision a house and being satisfied after the purchase.

Keywords: Feng Shui, Sian-Seng, Purchasing decision, Premium house with price more than 5 million baht

Full Text: 51-64


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